This “Weak Link” in Your Sales Funnel is Costing You Tens Of Thousands or Even Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars!

                     Here’s How to Fix it…for Good…and Bump up
                           Your Conversion Rate  by 65%, 75%, or Even 85%

Watch this video message from Catherine IF….

These days, it’s all about conversions.

You don’t have to spend more on ads, marketing, or outreach. All you really have to do is
convert more cosmetic patients. In fact, the difference between a 65%, 75% or 85% conversion
rate is often incredible. It works out to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But don’t take my word for it!
Let the figures speak for themselves.

Lost Revenues Calculator – Try it!

Enter the Number of Consults and Surgeries you do weekly, as well as your average surgical fees
and see how much your revenues increase when you book 3, 4 or 5 more consultations.


Depending on your situation, these figures could be shocking.
(Or maybe you’re doing ok, but would like to do better.)
Either way, you should now realize just how important this step is in your process.

That’s Why Ambitious Surgeons Are Joining the Converting Academy
This twelve month program is designed to turn your patient care coordinator into a sales superstar. We’re going to dig in deep and solve this problem so that you can immediately convert more consults and add more money to your bottom line, as well as increase that percentage month after month.
But before we go any further, you might be wondering why this is a twelve month program…
After all, isn’t this something you can fix in an afternoon?
Not really and here’s why…

Converting problems are mostly caused by your coordinator’s
habits. It’s more than likely that your patient care coordinator has
dealt with 100s or even 1000s of patients.

THIS is what’s preventing them from making the sale…and…this is what we’ll change (improve) with
this training.

Because, if you’ve ever tried to break a bad habit, you’ll know one thing…it takes repetition, time and energy.

How Does This Actually Work… What Happens?
The Converting Academy is made up of 24 video training modules where I go step-by-step through the process to get to YES. They cover the following topics…

1. Intro to the Converting Academy
2. Metrics, Evaluations, Coaching Calls
3. Characteristics of a Successful Coordinator
4. Who You Need to Be – Advanced
5. Mindset Around Selling
6. Money Mindset
7. Patient Decision-Making Process
8. Why Choose Us and Position the Physician

9. New Caller Phone Form
10. Shock and Awe Welcome Email
11. Selfie Intro Video and Online Resource Center
12. Pre-Consult Call

13. The Patient Visit, Greeting, Exam Room

14. Hallway Huddle, Doc Consult, Back to PCC

15. Present Quote – Mindset Check In

16. Present Quote

17. Converting Questions to Get to a Decision

18. Handling Objections

19. Prepare for Objections

20. Respond to Money Objections

21. More Objection Responses

22. Negotiating with Patients

23. More Negotiating Strategies

24. Follow Up Strategies

Here's a sneak peak of Catherine's training strategies....

But that's not all....You get customized training, coaching and more.....

Resource Center
This includes graphics, hand-outs, templates and examples to support the training modules and give you tools to refer to and execute with.
Metrics and Accountability
We work from a Google sheet that is updated weekly to track results and trends. It’s also a quick guide reference with scripts-at-a-glance.
Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
During these calls we review the metrics, as well as each specific topic to ensure the main points are understood and implemented. Before long, you’ll begin to see a steady increase in their close rate.
Zoom Replays, Phone Recordings, Transcriptions
During these calls we review the metrics, as well as each specific topic to ensure the main points are understood and implemented. Before long, you’ll begin to see a steady increase in their close rate.
Why Am I the Best Coordinator Trainer?

Before I got into aesthetics in Year 2000, I spent 15 years in sales at Fortune 500 companies. First, I sold airfreight shipping services for Burlington Northern where I learned to sell the invisible and then moved on to selling tangible mail automation equipment for Pitney Bowes, where I learned how to sell value over price since we were the most expensive products on the market.

My success in sales kept me in the top 15% of 3,500 salespeople nationwide. I was also recruited by E-Stamp (digital stamps) to
be the National Sales Manager in Silicon Valley.
There I learned nothing counts unless you sell it
because the VC money eventually runs out 😉

For decades, I have been training patient care
coordinators the fine art of sales without being pushy or salesy, because it’s not necessary, once you have the mindset, structures, and scripts.

So, how much is this?

You Will Be With This Special Introductory Offer
Let’s kick off 2024 with a bang!
  • Right now, I’m going to make you a special introductory offer.
  • Ordinarily, this program costs $5K/month x 12 months (total $60,000)
  • But if you sign up through this page, you’ll get it for 50% off or $2,500/month (total $30,000)
  • That’s a five-figure savings of $30,000. (That’s less than one mommy makeover)
  • This offer is almost too good to refuse!
  • Even better, as you convert more patients, you’ll earn more money, and the training starts to pay
    for itself.

Yes, this is an investment that generates a bunch of zeros to your bottom line

Here's Something Else to Consider....

….The life time value of your patients. Some patients are worth a few thousand dollars…others are worth tens of thousands of dollars. These “high ticket” patients are often the hardest to convince.

Realize that THESE are the patients you’re missing out on….meaning that the money you’re losing could be astronomical.

When you think about it this way, the cost of this program pales in comparison.

Ultimately, if you learn one thing from reading all this, it’s that you DON’T need to spend more money on marketing or advertising.

If you’re bringing in leads, then what you’re doing is working.
The next step is converting more of those leads.

Message from Catherine…

After consulting with plastic surgeons since YEAR 2000 
on practice growth, I have found the quickest and easiest way to grow your cosmetic revenues is by converting more consultations.

An investment in The Converting Academy includes the proven training, structure, scripts, accountability, and coaching to turn your coordinator into a professionally trained revenue-producing rockstar.

Let’s soar in 2024!